Holder For Dungarees Radio Watch

Kurt Andro – October 6th 2018

Watch module in holder Disassembled

Who is the watch for?

The Dungarees watch is for people who wear dungarees (with pen pocket) and also use long-sleeved protective gloves. These types of gloves often cannot be removed and put on quickly due to nature or contamination with hazardous substances. This makes it time-consuming to look at a wristwatch or mobile phone. A look at the dungarees watch, on the other hand, only takes about two seconds.

Features & benefits

The watch can be removed from the holder to change the battery. And it can be turned in the holder and therefore carried in the left or right pocket.

Purchase of the holder

The holder can be printed by yourself using the free downloadable file pcl-180825.stl or ordered from any 3D printing service. If you want to support me and my website, you can also order it on my shop page (at i.materialise). In this case I get a small share of the base price (without shipping costs and sales tax). The price remains the same for you.

Purchase of a radio clock module

Offers for the radio clock module EUROTIME 51900 (not included in the order of the holder) I found at the time of publication on these pages:

I do not receive any compensation for purchasing via these links.

Fields of application for long-sleeved industrial safety gloves

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glove