Warning Lamp

Kurt Andro – November 15th 2015

Have you ever quickly walked into the kitchen in the dark and then had to painfully notice that the dishwasher was open? Did you "only" have a swollen shin or did you fall? The warning light should prevent you from doing so.

Warning lamp with sensors


Open dishwasher doors are a real stumbling block, especially under poor lighting conditions. There are devices with an interior light that switches on when the device is opened (which is a great thing!), but most of them are not equipped with it.


A small LED lamp with the following characteristics:

With the help of the sensors, the controller only switches on the lamp (and emits a signal tone if necessary) when

If nobody moves near the device for a certain time, the lamp is switched off again. One lamp on the left or right side of the door is sufficient depending on the room situation. Of course, two are the safest; one on the left, one on the right.