Shoe Fastener

Kurt Andro – September 3rd 2015

Closing the fastener

Closing the fastener

Opening the fastener

Opening the fastener

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Open shoes are convenient. You can put them on and take them off without bending over, tying, buckling, velcroing. When walking, however, there is a danger of unintentionally slipping out, stumbling or falling.

The solution would be a locking bar that is rotatably attached to both sides of the sole, is pushed upwards by springs and is resting against the back of the foot.

In order to be able to put on and take off the shoes comfortably, there is a locking mechanism at the rear end of each shoe which is strong enough not to be overcome by the spring alone.

To raise the bar you have to lift the lock with the other foot slightly with the tip of your foot (see illustrations). A small protruding bead at the back gives the lock a stabilising profile and makes it easier to operate.

The locking bar should be made of a form stable material and coated with a soft, skin friendly material.